NowPow is a Chicago-based technology company that connects people to high-quality community healthcare resources. They needed a proof of concept (POC) for their new web platform and partnered with Clarity’s sister company, Truth Labs, a digital design agency. Following the success of the POC, Clarity built NowPow’s go-to-market software. 

Today, NowPow helps care professionals to create localized, customized self-care plans for their patients. They can also achieve deeper engagement with embedded text and email tools that nudge the patient into action. NowPow’s technology includes seamless EHR integration, so providers can automatically generate and deliver customized e-prescriptions of community resources at the point of care. Their service, Health.eRx, is algorithmically based on the patient’s diagnosis, address, age, gender, and language spoken. Powerful data analytics continuously inform NowPow’s technology to provide personalized referrals.

Clarity has been a great partner! They keep the development process organized and efficient, delivering high-quality software with a beautiful user experience, all while keeping pace with our rapid growth and evolving business.
— Rachel Kohler, CEO, NowPow